2016 IONA Conference


NOVEMBER 3-5, 2016


“Feminist Feelings: What are the State(s) of Affect Theory in Early Medieval Cultural Studies?”
Eileen Joy, Lead Ingenitor, The BABEL Working Group; Founding Director, punctum books; Founding Editor, postmedieval

“Philology and Feelings: (En)Gendering the Past (or: Who Owns the Middle Ages?)”
Kristen Mills, Haverford College

“Affecting Women or Affected Women? A Case Study of Women in Old English Leechbook III”
Erin Sweany, Indiana University

“‘Still Water’ (Roni Horn, 1999): The Contemporary Medieval in Art, Culture and Practice”
Clare Lees, Professor of Medieval Literature and History of the Language, Kings College London
Gillian Overing, Professor of English, Wake Forest University

Symposium Roundtable
Rethinking ‘Minor Literatures’: Past, Present, and Future
Todd Hasak-Lowy, School and the Arts Institute of Chicago
Georgia Henley, Harvard University
Alison Krögel, University of Denver
Cynthia McLeod, New York University
Joey McMullen, Centenary University
moderated by Adam Rovner, University of Denver

“A Green World in the Desert Sea: Seeking an Ecopoetics of Nature’s Hidden God”
Alf Kentigern Siewers, Chair and Associate Professor of English, Bucknell University



Archives of the North Atlantic
Organizers: Mary Kate Hurley, Ohio University
Jordan Zweck, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Borderlands and Frontier Zones: Transmaritime Interactions with the Celtic World
Organizers: Georgia Henley, Harvard University
Joey McMullen, Centenary University

The Archipelago: Comparative Methodologies for the Medieval Atlantic
Organizers: Jeremy DeAngelo, Carleton College
Marjorie Housley, Univeristy of Notre Dame
Rebecca Shores, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Free Floating Across the North Atlantic
Organizers: Tiffany Beechy, University of Colorado-Boulder


Podcasting for Medievalists: An Introduction
Organizers: Andrew Pfrenger, Kent State University
John Sexton, Bridgewater State University

Old English and Old Frisian Runes
Organizers: Livia Roschdi, LMU-Munich; RuneS

Translation as Poiesis: Bringing the Ancient into the Now Organizers: Aditi Machado, University of Denver
Michael Joseph Walsh, University of Denver

Scandinavian Runes in the North Atlantic Viking Diaspora Organizers: Ragnhild Ljosland, University of the Highlands and Islands

Introductory Masterclass on Old and Middle Irish for Beginners
Organizers: Joey McMullen (with Georgia Henley), Centenary University

Introductory Masterclass on Middle Welsh for Beginners Organizers: Georgia Henley (with Joey McMullen), Harvard University

Vegetable Matter: an Interdisciplinary Workshop on Plants in the Early Middle Ages
Organizers: Mathew T. Sharples, University of Colorado-Boulder
Erin E. Sweany, Indiana University

Internet Resources for Researching the Old Norse Textual Tradition
Organizers: Lyle Tompsen, Durham University and University of Iceland


University of Denver

Department of English

AHSS Dean’s Office

Committee for Comparative Literature Department of History

University of Colorado—Boulder

Department of English

Medieval Studies Program