Free-Floating Across the Atlantic

Session 1: Genealogy, Hybridity | Borders, Nationalities

Thursday, November 3rd

 “Health, Healing, and Hybridity: Exploring Old English Charm Texts”
Lori Ann Garner, Rhodes College

“Tolkien and the Dragon’s Cup: A Genealogy of Medievalism in Digital Culture”
Stephen Yeager, Concordia University

“Early Medieval eory of Language and the Barbaric Tongues of England”
Audrey Walton, University of Toronto

“Borders: Physical and National Identity in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline and the Maps of John Speede”
Stephen M. Jones, Southern New Hampshire University


Session 2: Poetics: Form and Function
Friday, November 4th

“The Dual Nature of Beowulf’s Envelope Pattern”
Vince Garin, University of Colorado-Boulder

“Poetic Pedagogy of Empire”
Abigayil Wernsman, University of Denver