Revisiting Archives (Seminar)

Harbour Centre 2250
Organizers: Mary Kate Hurley (Ohio University), Jordan Zweck (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

What is an archive? In “Revisiting Archives,” scholars from a broad range of fields explore both how medieval peoples imagined and preserved their own pasts and how we as modern scholars create and recreate the medieval archives with which we work. We confront the peculiar nostalgia for archives that drive racist, homophobic, classist, and ableist aims, and ask how the archives of the past shape our present scholarly encounters.

Day 1

Francesca Brooks (University College London), “The Unarchived Archive: Nicolete Gray, Public Pedagogy and Insular Manuscripts”

Bre Leake (University of Connecticut), “Memory on the Margins: The Political Archive of Medieval Studies”

Erica Weaver (University of California, Los Angeles), “Archives of Distraction”

Day 2

Jill Hamilton Clements (University of Alabama at Birmingham), “Archiving Bodies, Inscribing Names and Labelling Relics in Anglo-Saxon England”

Celia Orsini (Durham University), “Locating standing crosses in Early Medieval England”

Coral Lumbley (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), “Activist Archives: A Case Study for Medieval Refugees”

Day 3

Chelsea Shields-Más, “Beyond the Traditional Archive: Using Domesday as an Archive to Construct the Figure of the Reeve, 1066-1100”

Courtnay Konshuh (St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan), “Anglo-Saxon Chronicles as Archives”

Brian T. O'Camb, “Archiving Medieval English Proverbs in John Heywood's A Dialogue of Proverbs (1546)”

Jordan Zweck and Mary Kate Hurley, “Archival Reflections”