Unexpected Islands (Lab)

Harbour Centre 2250
Organizer: Jeremy DeAngelo (Independent Scholar)

“Island” appears to be a straightforward concept, and for many mainland commentators relatively distant to their own experiences. Once you look for them, however, islands are anywhere, and in some surprising places. The lab “Unexpected Islands” opens our eyes to the ubiquity of islands by offering introductory readings on island and archipelagic theory in the course of two sessions over the first two days of the conference. The first session will be a seminar on selected readings, while the second will be geared towards participants’ own projects and their intersections with island theory.

James L. Smith (Trinity College Dublin), “Deep Mapping the Spiritual Waterscape of Ireland’s Lakes: The Case of Lough Derg, Donegal”

Craig Lyons (Cornell University), “Strange Sea Kings: The Emergence of Hiberno-Norse Political Culture”

Bruce Gilchrist (John Abbott College), “Unexpected Islands: The Anti-Colonial Cartography of Le Guin's Earthsea Cycle”

Jessica Hope Roberts, University of Georgia